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Early Image of Ludlow
The Ludlow Plan

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A Master Plan, or Comprehensive Plan, is a plan that identifies the overall future development scenario for a community, including present and future land use, economic development, housing, open space, and infrastructure needs. Generally, Master Plans are developed to be used by a community over the next 10-12 years, and to provide guidance on the smart and sustainable way to grow as a community. Many communities use Master Plans to budget Capital Improvements, determine priority lands for open space acquisition, prioritize zoning changes, and develop strategies for affordable housing production and economic development opportunities.

Town officials in Ludlow are certainly committed to a master planning project, and the town recognizes the need of having a master plan since they have been faced with development pressures. The last time a master plan was created in Ludlow was 1964. It is the town's hope that this planning process will allow Ludlow to recapture its sense of place and promote a sustainable future for the community.

The Master Plan in Ludlow will focus on the following topic areas: housing; economic development; natural, cultural, and historic resources; open space and recreation; transportation/circulation; public services and facilities; energy; and land use.

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