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Community/Stakeholder Interviews

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As the first step in gathering public opinion about the present and future state of Ludlow for the master plan process, community stakeholder interviews were held June 17-19, 2009 at the Ludlow Town Hall. The purpose of the interviews were to hear general and specific concerns about the future of Ludlow, thoughts on pressing issues facing the community, and recommendations for improving the quality of life in town.

Conducting confidential interviews is one powerful method for collecting data and verifying information in a community. Confidential interviews conducted by a neutral/third party consultant can uncover information that people might not share in a public forum and that local staff might not possibly know because of their closeness to the project and their history with the area and the people. Through these interviews, the consultant team can find out what people are really thinking and doing, and can prove to be an invaluable source of information and give a clear understanding of the political and social context in the community.

The consultant team worked with the Ludlow Master Plan Committee members to identify key community stakeholders that should be interviewed as part of this public participation process. Interviews were also open to the general public, with notices placed in the Register and Republican to encourage participation. Using the list provided by the Committee as a guide, the consultants contacted and scheduled interviews for fifty-five people with an interest in Ludlow’s future. The interviewees included town staff, town committee members, large employers, small business owners, clergy and church members, and active and interested residents.

Each interview session was 50 minutes, and ranged from 2-5 people per interview group. Stakeholders of varying interests were grouped together in order to encourage a dynamic discussion. Two members of the consultant team facilitated discussion and took notes of all comments.  Participants were encouraged to speak honestly and openly, with no names attributed to their comments.