Department Fees

ABC Book$3.00
Birth Certificates$10.00
Burial Permits$10.00
Business Certificates$25.00
Business Withdrawals / Terminations$15.00
By-laws (Town)$10.00
Death Certificates$10.00
Dog Licenses
 Licenses Expire March 31st,
 We begin issuing them on March 2nd
Spayed / Neutered:     $15.00
Not Spayed / Neutered:     $20.00
Late Fee (after July 1):     $10.00
Gas Storage Permits (according to by-laws)(Varies by size)
History Book$26.00
Images of Ludlow$12.00
Marriage Intentions$15.00
Parking Violations($ per ticket)
Raffle Permits$10.00
Street List Book$10.00
World War II Books$5.00