Domestic and Farm Animal Information

Farm AnimalsDomestic and Farm Animal Information

The Board of Health is responsible for the oversight of an Animal Inspector for the Town of Ludlow.

  • This authority comes from the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture and the Board of Health who nominate the Animal Inspector every year.
  • The Animal Inspector is responsible for issuing Rabies Quarantine Orders and conducting the annual barn inspections.

Learn about the responsibilities of the Animal Inspector.

Rabies Information

Preventing Rabies

Vaccination of Dogs and Cats Against Rabies

Rabies Protocol

Homeless Animal Prevention and Care Fund

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Farm Animal Information

  • Animal Imports and Livestock Market
  • Importing and Exporting Livestock
  • Equine Programs
  • Poultry Program
  • Dairy Program
  • Swine (Porcine) Program
  • Farm Emergency Plans
  • Reportable Animal Disease Program

View the Animal Health Programs from the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture

Report cases of animal abuse or neglect

  • To report cases of animal abuse or neglect; please contact the MSPCA at 617-522-6008 or 800-628-5808.
  • To report the location of farm animals in Town, please contact the Board of Health Agent at 413-583-5600, ext. 1265.