The Town Clerk is responsible for:

  • Marriage licenses 
  • Raffle and bazaar permits
  • Issues with dog and kennel licenses
  • Burial permits, business certificates,
  • Fuel storage permits and respond to inquiries from the public.
  • Provides knowledge and assistance in a fair and impartial manner to all.
  • Serves as the central information point for local residents and citizens at large.
  • Administers and records all oaths of office.
  • Posts meetings of all governmental bodies.
  • Responsible for informing all elected and appointed officials of the State’s Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Laws.
  • Provides access to public records
  • Responsible for submittal of new by-laws to the State Attorney General for approval.
  • Records and certifies all official actions of the Town, including town meeting legislation and appropriations, Planning, and Zoning Board decisions.
  • Certifies all notes for borrowing and is the keeper of the Town Seal.
  • Records all pole locations approved by the Selectmen.
  • Registers all vital events (births, deaths, marriages, and adoptions) occurring within the community.
  • Records and preserves original vital records providing the basis for the Commonwealth’s central vital registration system.
  • Provides certified copies of vital records and assists with genealogical research.

Chief Election Official

  • Conducts all town, state, and federal elections and certifies nomination papers and initiative petitions.
  • Assists voters interested in running for public office.
  • Supervises voter registration and absentee balloting.
  • Conducts annual town census, and annual street lists and assists the Jury Commissioner with the preparation of the Jury list.
  • Assists the Secretary of the Commonwealth with maintaining the Commonwealth’s Central Voter Registry

Department Information

Certified Records

Public Records

Election & Voting Information

Town Information

Additional Information

Find the following information at the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts webpage:

  • Voter Registration Information
  • Absentee Ballot Information
  • Voting for Military & Overseas Citizens
  • View Statewide Ballot Questions
  • Downloadable Forms